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WProller.com is a WordPress installation tool. With a click - add plugins and themes to your installer zips. Save common configurations to use over and over again. On unzipping - all of your plugins and themes are there ready to go - no more hunting one by one for the features you need. read more about WProller.com

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Step 2: Choose Plugins By Category Curated choice of more popular plugins

  • Injects any adverts (e.g. AdSense) into the WordPress posts or widget area. Restrict who sees ads by post length/age/referrer or IP. Cache compatible.
  • Supports AdSense®, Javascript, XHTML and PHP code. This widget makes it possible for you to display 125x125 ad squares ( or some other configurable s
  • The very best way of putting ads on your website. As many as you want... Make making money easy!
  • Advertisment rotation system with a flexible logic of displaying advertisements.
  • Easy management of 125x125 ads on your blog. Ads can be run for a specified number of days, and will automatically be taken down. Track clicks too.
  • Adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics. Includes widgets for Analytics data display.
  • This plugin will display Google Analytics data and statistics inside your WordPress Blog, on your Administration Dashboard.
  • Track your WordPress site easily and with lots of metadata: views per author & category, automatic tracking of outbound clicks and pageviews.
  • See a detailed, real-time traffic breakdown and click heatmap of your website's visitors compiled and displayed immediately in a movable, transpa
  • Hit Sniffer is a powerful real time website visitor activity tracker. It will monitor your website visitors actions live and in real time.
  • Integrate your WordPress blog or website with HubSpot
  • A suite of word counters, keyword counters and readability analysis for your blog.
  • A powerful real-time web analytics plugin for WordPress.
  • Audio Player is a highly configurable but simple mp3 player for all your audio needs. You can customise the player's colour scheme to match your
  • YouTube audio player with a shortcode.
  • Blubrry PowerPress brings the essential features for podcasting to WordPress including full iTunes support, web audio/video media players and more.
  • MediaElement.js is an HTML5 video and audio player with Flash fallback and captions. Supports IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and iPhone, iPad, And
  • Flexible, scheduled WordPress backups to any location
  • Automate your WordPress, website & database backups using the myRepono remote website backup service.
  • Easy and complete backups and restoration. Manual or automated backups (Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, email).
  • WP Backup Complete is a complete backup solution for WordPress. The plugin will backup the WordPress database as well as the file system.
  • Admin Flush W3TC Cache works with the W3 Total Cache plugin. It simply adds an "Empty All Caches" option to every Admin page.
  • APC Object Cache provides a persistent memory-based backend for the WordPress object cache. APC must be available on your PHP install.
  • Hyper Cache is flexible and easy to configure cache system for WordPress.
  • Speed up your site ~ BIG Time! - If you care about the speed of your site, Quick Cache is a plugin that you absolutely MUST have installed.
  • Generates static HTML-files from your Blog. That makes your Blog incredible fast! Better than any other cache.
  • Easy Web Performance Optimization (WPO) using caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.
  • A very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files.
  • Create and maintain events, including complex reoccurring patterns, venue management (with Google maps), calendars and customisable event lists
  • Manage submissions to build a community-driven event listing. Allow users to submit events that you can easily review and moderate.
  • Fully featured event registration management including recurring events, locations management, calendar, Google map integration, booking management
  • GigPress is a live performance listing and management plugin that's been serving musicians and performers since 2007.
  • The Events Calendar is a fully featured event management system with multiple views, 3rd party integrations, and a slew of premium add-ons.
  • Announcement: Advanced Custom Fields has temporarily been relocated to github!
  • A new way to create, move, edit and publish your pages for your favorite CMS.
  • Adds an author box to your blog. Fast and easy and fully configurable.
  • Adds a tree view of all pages & custom posts. Get a great overview + options to drag & drop to reorder & option to add multiple pages.
  • Lets you create a content inventory right in the WordPress Edit screens. You can mark content as redundant, outdated, trivial, or in need of a review
  • This plugin adds a checkbox, “include this page in menus”, uncheck this to exclude pages from the page navigation that users see on your site.
  • Improved Include Page plugin allows to include the content of a static page in a template file with several options. Since version 0.4.4 IIP uses Wo
  • A simple plugin that allows the user to assign categories and tags to pages.
  • Build responsive page layouts using the widgets you know and love using this simple drag and drop page builder.
  • Pods is a framework for creating, managing, and deploying customized content types and fields.
  • This plugin generates special functions to convert your WordPress install into a CMS, add security and generally white label the admin.
  • WordPress Post Forking allows users to "fork" or create an alternate version of content to foster a more collaborative approach to WordPress
  • This plugin can be used to manage any number of projects with recurrent datasets (e.g. portrait system, dvd collection)
  • Similarity displays a list of posts similar to the current post with similarity being determined based on tags, categories, or both.
  • Content manage those little snippets of text that you need across your WordPress site and in widgets properly. Forget the text widget.
  • Subscribe to Comments allows commenters on an entry to subscribe to e-mail notifications for subsequent comments.
  • The complete and reliable plugin for managing custom post types, custom taxonomy and custom fields.
  • This is an Easy to use Plugin to Create, Customize, Manage Custom Post Type,Custom Page Type, Custom Archives, Custom Taxonomies.
  • A must have tool for creating custom fields, custom post types and taxonomies, fast and without any programming knowledge.
  • WP-CMS is a plugin for WordPress that changes the functionality of the WordPress admin backend to act more like a CMS.
  • Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible.
  • Add analytics information to your contact form 7 emails.
  • Saves submitted form data to the database and provides short codes to display it. Captures data from Contact Form 7 and Fast Secure Contact Form
  • Adds the ability to easily enter and display contact information.
  • Really Simple CAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA module intended to be called from other plugins. It is originally created for my Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Lets you edit the WordPress admin menu. You can re-order, hide or rename menus, add custom menus and more.
  • Get a tree view of all your pages directly in the admin menu. Search, edit, view, re-order/sort and add pages – all is just one click away!
  • Adminimize is a WordPress plugin that lets you hide 'unnecessary' items from the WordPress backend and many many more ...
  • Just another code syntaxhighligher for the theme and plugin editor with CodeMirror.
  • Customise columns on the administration screens for post(types), pages, media, comments, links and users with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.
  • Duplicate, clone, backup, move and transfer an entire WordPress site from one location to another in 3 steps.
  • Customize completely your WordPress Login Screen and Dashboard easily. Add your logo, change background image, colors, styles, Dashboard footer etc.
  • Give your WordPress admin the Fluency look, Fluency 3.2 is the latest update and is ONLY compatible with WP 3.2.x.
  • Gust is a port of Ghost admin panel for WordPress.
  • Install this plugin on unlimited sites and manage them all from a central dashboard. This plugin communicates with your InfiniteWP Admin Panel.
  • ManageWP Worker plugin allows you to remotely manage your WordPress sites from one dashboard.
  • A simple search for find strings in your database and replace the string.
  • Work on your website behinds the scenes while you display a Maintenance Mode page to your visitors.
  • Backup and restore: your site can be backed up locally or to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, (S)FTP, WebDAV & email, on automatic schedules.
  • Get control of the WordPress wysiwyg visual editor and add some functionality with more buttons and custom TinyMCE plugins.
  • Manages your WordPress database.
  • This simple but effective plugin allows you to clean up your WordPress database and optimize it without phpMyAdmin.
  • Allow PHP in posts and pages allows you to add php functionality to WordPress Posts and Pages
  • List query-actions only for admins; for debug purposes
  • Limit access to the WordPress admin panel for your clients. Block functionality like updating plugins and viewing menu items for administrators, while
  • An authentication framework that handles authorization with external web services.
  • Instant switching between user accounts in WordPress.
  • The WordPress Hook Sniffer plugin is a tool for plugin developers that helps determine the sequence in which action and filter functions are fired.
  • A plugin by a WordPress developer for WordPress developers.
  • Work with FirePHP, only PHP5 and a sample af values of WordPress
  • Plugin with interface for uploading and managing download files, inserting download links in posts, and monitoring download hits.
  • A document management and version control plugin that allows teams of any size to collaboratively edit files and manage their workflow.
  • Adds per-country and weight based shipping cost calculation method to your WooCommerce store.
  • A simple yet advanced, intuitive, easy-to-use and complete currency converter plugin with a beautiful unique converter tooltip.
  • An accessible Shopping Cart plugin.
  • Show off what features your company, product or service offers, using our shortcode, widget or template tag.
  • 10x productivity gains with WP e-Commerce & WooCommerce store administration. Manage products, variations, orders and customers reliably using a
  • Show off what your customers are saying about your business and how great they say you are, using our shortcode, widget or template tag.
  • WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything. Beautifully.
  • Extends WooCommerce giving you the option to display accepted payment methods via widget, shortcode or template tag.
  • This plugin adds useful admin links and massive resources for the WooCommerce Shop Plugin to the WordPress Toolbar / Admin Bar.
  • A WooCommerce plugin that implements facebook share and like button on product page with flexible options.
  • Easily add a Pinterest Pin-it button to your WooCommerce single product pages. This allows customers to easily post your product images directly to Pi
  • This plugin will import your WooCommerce shop to Facebook in a couple of minutes, with no development or design skills required.
  • Beautifully lightweight, mobile & tablet responsive WooCommerce Widget product slideshow plugin that packs a powerful marketing punch
  • WooSidebars adds functionality to display different widgets in a sidebar, according to a context (for example, a specific page or a category).
  • WordPress HTTPS is intended to be an all-in-one solution to using SSL on WordPress sites.
  • WP e-Commerce is a free WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin that lets customers buy your products, services and digital downloads online.
  • WP Marketplace is a free full-featured WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin with everything you need on a easy interface and has special options to convert
  • WP Stripe provides a payment form and recent donor widget by utilizing Stripe.com, the awesome alternative to PayPal.
  • WP-Invoice lets you create and send web-invoices and setup recurring billing for your clients.
  • Ajax enhanced WordPress ecommerce. Easy to use & fully customizable, it's the store front of the future; today.
  • Custom Write Panel allows user to create customized write panel.
  • The Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog.
  • Edit content inline, without going to the admin area.
  • Adds table editing buttons to a new, third row in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
  • Lets you use raw HTML or any other code in your posts. You can also disable smart quotes and other automatic formatting on a per-post basis.
  • Enables the advanced features of TinyMCE, the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
  • Visual Editor Custom Buttons lets you add custom buttons to the WordPress Visual Editor.
  • Description: Wp Inline Edit will add ability to author/admin/editor to edit your post/page from page/post itself without going to wp-admin edit page.
  • The MailChimp plugin allows you to quickly and easily add a signup form for your MailChimp list.
  • Add a real newsletter to your blog. In seconds. For free.
  • Add a real newsletter to your blog. In seconds. For free. With unlimited emails and subscribers.
  • The ultimate Newsletter plugin! Works with third-party newsletter services like MailChimp. Sign-up checkboxes, widget forms, shortcodes, it's all
  • Reconfigures the wp_mail() function to use SMTP instead of mail() and creates an options page to manage the settings.
  • Send newsletters, post notifications or autoresponders from WordPress easily, and beautifully.
  • Use any TrueType or OpenType fonts to replace standard fonts on your site using images or webfonts! New in 2.2.2: Use Webfonts in the WP Editor
  • Choose and customize Google fonts directly from your WordPress admin panel! Enable only font you really want to use! Check coding examples direcly in
  • Create a photo gallery of your Flickr photos on your WordPress enabled Website enabling you to customize it the way you like it.
  • Easily create an image gallery on your posts, pages or any custom post type
  • Create modals in minutes. Add your favorite shortcodes for contact forms, social media, videos and other multimedia or your own content.
  • Enables replacing attachment files by simply uploading a new file in the media library edit view.
  • GRAND Flash Album Gallery is a Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Music Album & Banner Rotator plugin with powerfull admin to manage your media content
  • Upload, resize, add, change images instantly. Manage your media collection with ease and use it for any post or page. A new way of managing content!
  • A simple image widget that uses the native WordPress media manager to add image widgets to your site.
  • The most popular WordPress gallery plugin and one of the most popular plugins of all time with over 6 million downloads.
  • Shadowbox is an online media vieiwing application similar to Lightbox and Thickbox but with more functionality. Supports all types of media.
  • Create responsive content sliders on your WordPress blogging platform. Manage SlideDeck content and insert them into templates and posts.
  • Version: 1.4.2 Content Slide is used to create fully customizable javascript rotating image slideshow anywhere within your WordPress site. Display s
  • Easily switch to any localization from GlotPress
  • Adds userfriendly multilingual content management and translation support into WordPress.
  • A simple and intuitive, yet elegant and fully documented Google map plugin that installs as a widget and a short code.
  • Displays a single-image super-fast loading Google map in a widget. A larger map with all the usual features is available on click in a lightbox.
  • Pin, organize & show your favorite places through OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Google Earth (KML), Bing Maps, APIs or Augmented-Reality browsers
  • Duplicate, clone, backup, move and transfer an entire site from one location to another.
  • Move or copy a WordPress site to another server or to another domain name, move to/from local server hosting, and backup sites.
  • Display a mobile theme when the website is viewed with a mobile/tablet browser.
  • Is a complete toolkit to mobilize your WordPress site. It has a mobile switcher, themes, and mobile XML Sitemap Generator.
  • WPtouch: A simple, powerful & elegant mobile theme for your website.
  • Adds breadcrumb navigation showing the visitor's path to their current location.
  • This plugin allows searching by custom post types on your website.
  • Relevanssi replaces the default search with a partial-match search that sorts results by relevance. It also indexes comments and shortcode content.
  • Increases WordPress' default search functionality in three easy steps.
  • Advanced WordPress search with wildcards, highlighting, log, and ability to search all post data. Now with Lucene!
  • The easiest, most effective way to secure WordPress. Improve the security of any WordPress site in seconds.
  • BruteProtect is a cloud-powered Brute Force attack prevention plugin. This is the ONLY SECURITY PLUGIN able to guard against botnet attacks.
  • Limits the number of login attempts from a given IP range within a certain time period.
  • Increase your WordPress security by deleting old core files that exist in the filesystem before hackers exploit them for attacks.
  • WordPress Security Plugin
  • Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress on the forms for comments, registration, lost password, login, or all. For WP, WPMU, and BuddyPress.
  • Plugin helps you identify security problems with your wordpress installation. It scans your blog and give a security grade based on passed tests.
  • Helps you secure your WordPress installation and provides detailed reporting on discovered vulnerabilities and how to fix them.
  • Wordfence Security is a free enterprise class security plugin that includes a firewall, virus scanning, real-time traffic with geolocation and more.
  • Monitor files under your WP installation for changes. When a change occurs, be notified via email. This plugin is a fork of WordPress File Monitor.
  • Scans your WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities.
  • WordPress SEO plugin to automatically optimize your WordPress blog for Search Engines.
  • This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines to better index your blog.
  • The best way to display related content: Thumbnails or Text, on all your pages.
  • SEO Friendly Images automatically adds alt and title attributes to all your images improving traffic from search engines.
  • Improve your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.
  • Display a list of related entries on your site and feeds based on a unique algorithm. Now with thumbnail support built-in!
  • bbPress is forum software, made the WordPress way
  • Add Facebook social plugins and the ability to publish new posts to a Facebook Timeline or Facebook Page. Official Facebook plugin.
  • Allows your visitors to comment on posts using their Facebook profile. Supports custom styles, notifications, combined comment counts, recent comments
  • THE Simplest way to bring Facebook LikeBox + Facebook Recommendation Bar functionality to WordPress with lot more Options.
  • Automatically re-publishes blogposts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Delicious, Plurk, etc profiles and/or pages
  • AddThis Share Buttons help drive traffic to your site by helping visitors share, bookmark and email your content to over 330 services.
  • Makes it easy for your site to use Facebook Connect, in a wholly modular way.
  • Broadcast posts to Twitter and/or Facebook, pull in reactions from each (replies, retweets, comments, "likes") as comments, and allow commen
  • Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.
  • Auto-posts a Twitter update when you update your WordPress blog or blogroll, with your chosen URL shortening service. Requires PHP 5.
  • This plugin enables administrators to lock user accounts without deleting the users posts and contents.
  • A user, role, and content management plugin that makes WordPress a more powerful CMS.
  • Restrict certain pages or posts to logged in users.
  • Redirect users to different locations after logging in and logging out.
  • Simple to use profile plugin allowing front-end login, registration and edit profile by using shortcodes.
  • CMS-like permissions for reading and editing. Content-specific restrictions and roles supplement/override WordPress roles. User groups optional.
  • s2Member®, a powerful (free) membership plugin for WordPress®. Protect/secure members only content with roles/capabilities.
  • WordPress user management plugin. Custom user profile,registration with extra fields. Custom Login, Import users from csv and many more.
  • Enable you to display how many users are online on your WordPress blog with detailed statistics.
  • The JW Player WordPress Plugin enables you to embed Flash and HTML5 audio and video, plus RTMP and YouTube streams, on your site using JW Player 6.
  • Generates thumbnails, HTML5-compliant videos, and embed codes for locally hosted videos. Requires FFMPEG or LIBAV for thumbnails and encodes.
  • Manage and embed videos hosted on VideoPress. Requires a WordPress.com blog with the VideoPress premium upgrade.

Step 3: Add Plugins From The WordPress Repository As many as you want!

Step 4: Grab Plugins From Github! BETA! (Works! YMMV)

Step 5: Choose Themes Don't see a theme you use all the time? Let us know and we might add it!

  • Attitude is a Simple, Clean and Responsive Retina Ready WordPress Theme which adapts automatically to your tablets and mobile devices. Along with the elegant design the theme is easily customizable with numerous theme options. Some of the highlighted options are two site layout (Narrow and Wide), 5 layouts for every post/page, 5 Page Templates, 5 widget areas, 4 custom widgets, featured slider to highlight your post/page, 11 social icons, webmaster tools, custom background, custom Header, custom menu, custom favicon, custom CSS, custom webclip icon, custom logo and many more. Also supports some of the popular plugins like Breadcrumb NavXT, WP-PageNavi and Contact Form 7. It is also translation ready.
    author: Theme Horse | theme page
  • Business lite 3 from CyberChimps WordPress Themes is a Professional Responsive Business WordPress Theme perfect for any business on any device.
    author: CyberChimps | theme page
  • Celestial Lite is a Bootstrap responsive theme incorporating a flexible grid system, crisp lines, Unlimited colours, post formats of: Aside, image, status, and quotes, plus you get a much better WP gallery style, HTML5, CSS3, Translation readiness, social networking, more than 12 widget positions, page templates, styled form elements, and more. Of course, if you want even more, there is also a Professional version of Celestial for a true business website, but the free version should still give you an awesome website as well. Check out the full live demo from the theme url. For support, please refer to the readme.html file in your download. Also, whenever you update something, always make a backup 1st before doing an update.
    author: StyledThemes | theme page
  • A very neat and clean black and white business theme. The theme supports widgets. And features theme-options, threaded-comments and multi-level dropdown menu. A simple and neat typography.
    author: manish_gori | theme page
  • Shopping is an Ecommerce omega child theme for WordPress. Shopping WordPress theme is designed to work with WooCommerce plugin. Start creating mobile friendly WordPress online shop with Shopping theme and WooCommerce.
    author: themehall | theme page
  • A Free HTML5 Responsive Drag & Drop Starter WordPress Theme by CyberChimps WordPress Themes featuring Twitter Bootstrap, and responsive touch friendly theme options.
    author: CyberChimps | theme page
  • A responsive drag-and-drop platform for professional websites based on HTML5 and CSS3. PageLines will help you do amazing things faster & easier than ever before. Designed by PageLines in California. Twitter @pagelines
    author: arpowers | theme page
  • Platform is an drag-and-drop theme-design framework for WordPress and HTML5. It will help you do amazing things with your site, faster & easier than ever before. Designed and developed by PageLines in California. Twitter @pagelines
    author: arpowers | theme page
  • Responsive WordPress magazine theme with 3 home page layouts, 300x250 ads, 125x125 ads, 8 premade (Black, Blue, Red, brown, pink, white and Green) ready to use color schemes/skins, 2 page layouts including a full width page template, featured posts, social icons, twitter updates, threaded comments and widget support.
    author: tskk | theme page
  • GamePress is a gaming oriented WordPress theme, perfect for game reviews, videos and news or other entertainment related website. It comes in 4 color schemes and it's easy to use and customize.
    author: alex27 | theme page
  • Max Magazine is a super-awesome responsive wordpress theme best suited for newspaper or magazine websites. The theme is packed with an easy-to-use options panel which makes it very easy to customize the layout. It also holds a beautiful jQuery slider, carousel posts, and up to 4 featured categories on homepage. There are two widgetized sections in siderbar and footer of the theme where you can use default or custom widgets included in the theme. The responsive layout makes it look great on iPad and rest of the tablets and mobile devices.
    author: Sami | theme page
  • Baris is a responsive and minimalist. Build on HTML5 and CSS3. Support for custom menu and also you can put your widget at 4 different place. This theme is for you who love simplicty and make you should to touch your reader's heart because your reader focus on content.
    author: Malvouz | theme page
  • The name of the game is Grayscale. The anti-responsive, anti-flashy, anti bells and whistles theme. No popular or current styles around here ;). For those looking to take a trip back to simpler times in black and white with a good ol' fashioned fixed-width (that's pixels baby) design that looks the exact same across all devices, this is the theme for you. Grayscale is a minimalist theme and void of some common design standards such as dropdown menus as a conscious design choice with "the simpler, the better" in mind. If you need a theme stocked with such common features out-of-the-box, this theme will not suit your needs. Thank you. - Official Support Forum: bryanhadaway.com/forum/projects
    author: Bryan Hadaway | theme page
  • The groundwork already prepared for any website, mobile site, social network, blog or forum. A responsive and full-width framework to jumpstart any project. Thank you. - Official Support Forum: bryanhadaway.com/forum/projects
    author: Bryan Hadaway | theme page
  • A stylish and modern minimalist theme with a beautiful image gallery slider and an optional blog view. With support for post formats, audio and video playback, ideal for showcasing photography portfolios or podcasting but also great for your everyday blogging.
    author: Daniel | theme page
  • PressWork is a free, open source WordPress theme framework built for modern browsers using HTML5 and CSS3. Features include a drag & drop front-end editor for easy customization, the top 20 most popular Google Fonts and a responsive design using media queries so your site will look good on the iPad, iPhone and other handheld devices. Created by c.bavota and Brendan Sera-Shriar.
    author: c.bavota | theme page
  • A semantic, HTML5, canvas for CSS artists and an ultra-minimal set of super-clean templates for your own WordPress theme development.
    author: Automattic | theme page
  • iFeature 5 is the World's first Touch Friendly Responsive Drag & Drop WordPress Theme. It lets you create amazing responsive websites that you can control on any touch friendly device including the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. iFeature 5 allows you to setup an entire website in minutes with touch friendly Drag and Drop Options on a per-page basis allowing you control the look and feel of every page. WARNING: iFeature 5 is a completely new code base. Please backup iFeature 4.5 before upgrading!
    author: CyberChimps | theme page
  • A simple and minimal portfolio theme for photographers, illustrators, designers, or photobloggers. Responsive layout, optimized for mobile browsing (iPhone and iPad). Ideal for sites where images are the main type of content. The customization options include theme settings page, custom background, custom header.
    author: Griden | theme page
  • A crafty and elegant theme powered by an advanced theme framework and grid system. With virtually unlimited layout options and styles, ideal for showcasing your portfolio of works or other multimedia elements like images, photo galleries, videos and podcasts.
    author: Daniel | theme page
  • Portfolio Press is a responsive theme for showcasing your photography, art, web sites, or other projects. It also works nicely as a regular blog site. An options panel is included for uploading logos and and changing the layout. There's also support for the image, gallery and quote post formats. Visit the demo site or watch the video screencast for set up instructions.
    author: Devin Price | theme page
  • At its core, Snapshot is a theme built for showing off your photography. You can dive in and start adding your photos right away and it'll look great. Snapshot also includes our powerful drag and drop page builder, so you can use it to create a complete business or company site.
    author: Greg Priday | theme page
  • It's all about your content -- pure and simple.
    author: Caroline Moore | theme page
  • Visual is a well-crafted responsive theme designed to showcase images, artwork and photgraphy in a smart grid layout. Alternative styles (both light and dark) are available to select in the options panel. An icon font ensures crisp display on retina devices and quick load times. It's simple for new users to set up. Developers can easily extend the code in a child theme. For more information and a theme demo, visit: http://wptheming.com/?p=5277.
    author: Devin Price | theme page
  • Create a truly unique design with Arcade, a lightweight and fully responsive HTML5 theme. Use the theme customizer to add your own header image, page layout, site width and more. Distinguish each post with one of the eight supported post formats, such as: Video, Image, Aside, Status, Audio, Quote, Link and Gallery. Install JetPack to display each of your galleries through a tiled view and jQuery carousel. Compatible with bbPress & BuddyPress. Built using SASS, Compass and Bootstrap 3. Uses Google Fonts for improved typeface readability and works perfectly in desktop browsers, tablets and handheld devices.
    author: c.bavota | theme page
  • Bones is a WordPress Theme for Developers Built around the latest in Web Standards, Bones is a rock solid foundation to start any WordPress project.
    author: Eddie Machado | theme page
  • Catch Box is simple, lightweight, box shaped, and adaptable WordPress Theme for bloggers and professionals. It is based on HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive Web Design to view in various devices. 10 Best Reasons to use Catch Box Theme. 1. Responsive Web Design, 2. Custom Menus (Primary, Secondary and Footer menus), 3. Theme Options for light or dark or blue color scheme, custom link colors, three layout choices, two content choices between excerpt and content option in homepage, feed redirection, custom css styles, 4. Featured Sliders where you can define number of slides and post IDs, 5. Social Links (Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc), 6. Webmaster Tools (Google, Yahoo and Bing site verification ID, Header and Footer codes), 7. Custom Backgrounds, 8. Custom Header, 9. Catchbox Adspace widget to add any type of Advertisements, and 10. Support popular plugins. Multilingual Ready (WPML) and also currently translated in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Germany, French, Polish, Czech, Croatian and Italian. Free Support Forum at http://catchthemes.com/support-forum/forum/catch-box-public/
    author: Sakin (Catch Themes) | theme page
  • Coller is a Modern minimal ultra responsive theme with a lot of features including responsive featured slider and Fully Customizable Header and Footer. Coller has been translated into Many Languages including Dutch, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish & many more.
    author: Rohit Tripathi | theme page
  • Enjoy designing your website live from the WP customizer screen. Choose your options : skin, logo, social profiles, slider, layout, home featured blocks... you can even customize your css live. And this is it! The clean and fully responsive design can be used for any type of website : corporate, portfolio, business, blog, landing page, etc. The theme includes a responsive slider generator (with call to action text and button) to make your pages or posts look beautiful. Built with valid HTML5 and CSS3 (from the Twitter Bootstrap), cross-browser tested, the theme is translation ready and available in 12 languages.
    author: nikeo | theme page
  • Dazzling is a clean, modern, minimal and fully responsive flat design WordPress WooCommerce theme well suited for blogs, static and ecommerce websites. Theme can be used for travel, corporate, portfolio, photography, green thinking, nature, health, personal and any other creative and minimalistic style website. Dazzling theme is highly customizable with unlimited color options, slider, call for action button, several widget areas and much more that can be adjusted via Theme Options. The theme is built using Bootstrap 3, which makes it responsive and mobile friendly. It features infinite scroll, SEO friendly structure, logo upload, full-screen slider, call for action section, social media icons, popular post widget and translation ready setup. Dazzling is also available in Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch and Polish. It is probably the best free WordPress theme built for eStores and business websites.
    author: Silkalns | theme page
  • Eden Fresh 100% Responsive, Highly Customizable and SEO Friendly Theme using Twitter Bootstrap . This theme is will make your website adaptable with any type of devices. Theme Features: Custom Homepage Settings, 3 Page Templates, Custom Background Support, Search Engine Friendly.
    author: Shaon | theme page
  • evolve is a free WordPress theme which packs a real punch. Totally responsive for mobile technologies, with single blog post or blog grid layouts on the home page and Bootstrap for customization. Parallax & post slideshows. Beautiful page designs, unlimited colors and over 500 Google Web Fonts to control the visual look.
    author: romik84 | theme page
  • Hemingway is a clean, beautiful and responsive two-column theme for bloggers. Features responsive design, retina-ready assets, full-width header image with parallax scrolling effect, custom widgets (video, Flickr and Dribbble), page templates and translation-ready code. Included translations: Swedish/svenska. | theme page
  • A Free HTML5 Responsive Drag & Drop Starter WordPress Theme by CyberChimps WordPress Themes featuring Twitter Bootstrap, and responsive touch friendly theme options.
    author: CyberChimps | theme page
  • Responsive Theme is a flexible foundation with fluid grid system that adapts your website to mobile devices and the desktop or any other viewing environment. Theme features 9 Page Templates, 11 Widget Areas, 6 Template Layouts, 4 Menu Positions and more. Powerful but simple Theme Options for full CMS control with easy Logo Upload, Social Networking and Webmaster Tools etc. Responsive is WooCommerce Compatible, Multilingual Ready (WPML), RTL-Language Support, Retina-Ready, Search Engine Friendly, W3C Markup Validated and currently translated into 40 languages. Cross-Browser compatible and yes even the IE7. No paid memberships or clubs to get a FREE/Responsive Support you need. http://themeid.com/help/
    author: CyberChimps | theme page
  • We’ve built the WP Bootstrap theme so that it could be used as-is or as a starting point for theme developers. It’s built on top of the brilliant Bones theme framework by Eddie Machado and based on v3.0.3 of Bootstrap.
    author: Chris Barnes | theme page

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