Five Buck WordPress Hosting (not free) on

digital-ocean-logoIf you are looking for a fast and easy way to set up hosting for your new WordPress site or you want to start selling hosting to your customers then checkout – they are a PaaS (platform as a service) vendor that makes provisioning hosting in the cloud super easy.

digital-ocean-5bucksFor $5 you get 512MB of RAM, 20GB of SSD  disc (not HD but fancy SSD) space and WordPress set up ready to go. And if you are a power user you get rull ROOT access to your VPS and the ability to save your server images, install new images and roll back to your archived images if something goes wrong. All for $5 a month – color me impressed!

Step 1 Go to and set up an account

All you need is your email and a password to create an account.


digital-ocean-step1-hostnameStep 2 Create your first droplet

You will need a payment method for this step.  Choose a hostname that you can use to map to the DigitalOcean DNS system – you can always add your own custom domain name to map to this instance but it is not necessary to get started.


digital-ocean-step2-sizeStep 3 Choose Droplet Size

Depending on the amount of traffic you expect your WordPress installation to get – you can scale up your initial setup. For a small to medium sized site a $5 droplet should suffice.







Step 4 Choose Hosting Region

If you are in Europe – choose one of the Amsterdam instances, I chose New York 2 because I am in Chicago and figure all of New York 1 was taken up by people who like to say “first”. So I assume New York 2 is fairly empty and wide open like the prairie. What I am saying is that I don’t think it matters.


Step 4 Choose a Linux Distribution or Application

In the next section click off the active “Linux Distributions” tab on the “Applications” tab to reveal the list of pre-configured images you can choose to install on your droplet.

If you want to get really primitive you can just install a Linux distro like CentOS or Ubuntu and configure it all for yourself.

If you want a little help you can choose the pre-configured LAMP stack.

Or if you just want to fast-forward to the good stuff you can choose WordPress (they didn’t cap the P) on Ubuntu 12.xx.

One of the cool things about DigitalOcean is that you can set up your basic WordPress installation – with plugins and themes, and make linux environmental tweaks etc.  – and then save that whole application under the “My Images” tab.

The next time you want to spin up that complete platform you would just clone the image to a new droplet and the whole basic set up will be there to use.



Step 5 Settings and Save

The final step is to configure some settings info (optional) and hit the “Create Droplet” button (required).

Once you do that you will get an email with your root password and ip address so you can SSH into the server and work away.

PROTIP: Once your installation is completed you will probably want to install an SFTP server (I did) so follow the instructions here to install that server on your new droplet.
Install ProFTPd server

apt-get -y install proftpd

Set up FTP user for WordPress

passwd wordpress

Configure permissions for that user

chsh -s /bin/bash wordpress

Install phpMyAdmin

apt-get install -y phpmyadmin









Once your droplet is created you have a complete LAMP stack with WordPress ready to go.

Enter the IP address in your welcome email into your browser and you will see the standard WordPress new installation page greeting you.

Enter your site details and start publishing!

Not a bad deal to get WordPress hosting with a one-click install for $5 a month. But what I love is that you can configure your WordPress installation, set up SFTP and other linux tools then save that whole disc as image to use over and over again! Genius!