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CodeVisually.com logo

Code Visually WProller.com Review

“WPRoller makes it easy to create a custom WP installation package with just the features you need.”

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Torque WordPress logo

Torque WProller.com Review

“Think, for a moment, how many times you’ve downloaded the WordPress install zip and then went on to find all those plugins and themes for your client. Then, think about how more quickly it can be done.”

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WPKube logo

WPKube WProller.com Review

” if you spend any time developing WordPress solutions for yourself or your clients then you love plugins and you probably have your favorite plugins and site configurations. How can you save time doing your WordPress installation and configuration and be able to reuse the configurations you use all the time?”

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logo wp magazin

WP Magazin WProller.com review

“Mein persönlicher Lieblingspunkt von WPRoller und eine Funktion, die ich schon seit Ewigkeiten suche, ist es bei einer WordPress Installation direkt eine Hand voll Plugins zu installieren.”

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logo wp stuffs

WPStuffs WProller.com review

“WPRoller introduces a simple but very useful concept.WPRoller helps to create a custom WordPress bundle with essential WordPress Plugins and Themes pre-installed.”

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logo wp tavern

WPtavern WProller.com review

“I can’t believe this website is free.”

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WProller.com review on WPZen (a Polish WP site)

WProller.com review on WPZen (a Polish WP site)

“WProller umożliwia łatwe tworzenie paczek instalacyjnych WordPressa, zawierających wybrane wtyczki i szablony..”

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WProller.com on WPformation a French WP site

WProller.com on WPformation a French WP site

“N’avez-vous jamais rêvé d’une installation comprenant à la fois la dernière version de WordPress, vos plugins préférés et votre thème?”

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