Introducing WordPress Installer Bundles

Since launching almost a year ago we have had a lot of feedback from people who use our app.  Most people are super happy to have an easier way to configure their WordPress installer zip and save that configuration to use later. One of the big requests we get is to create pre-configured WordPress bundles with themes and plugins already installed to serve different needs.

So we are introducing a new feature on the site – Bundles. Get one now!

We have some good insight into what plugins are used by our users as well as their popularity on – so we will start with 2 bundles.

Bundle 1: CMS

This bundle will provide many utility plugins that will turn WordPress into a fully-featured CMS. It will include plugins for breadcrumbs, editing, publishing workflow, SEO and different content types. This bundle will start off with basic items but will grow as we get more suggestions from our users. Get our WordPress CMS installer bundle


Bundle 2: eCommerce

This WordPress installer bundle will include WooCommerce and many utility plugins needed to roll out an online store. SSL not included! Check out our WordPress eCommerce installer bundle. Coming Soon!





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