WProller.com Launches

Happy to have launched our site last week. Over 100 zips served up to the WordPress community and more features on their way. We have received a lot of positive emails and press from developers and that makes me think we are on the right track with our tool.

homepageOur goal is to create a new way for people to quickly deploy customized WordPress installations with all the themes, plugins and custom configurations they need out of the box. We are open to all ideas to make this app a better tool. To stay up to date with our features – consider following us on twitter

Upcoming features we are considering:

  • Custom install.php script to remove sample post and comment, set timezone, theme etc.
  • Ability to add commercial plugins and themes from your collection into a private shelf only you have access to.
  • Ability to save configurations into your profile
  • Pre-configured zips for different WordPress uses such as Corporate CMS, eCommerce site, Mobile blog, etc.



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